Doctor Strange

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton


"Doctor Strange" is feature film made my Marvel Studios about a doctor with an inflated ego named Stephen Strange. After getting into a violent car accident, he breaks his arms, and is unable to do any surgery, and eventually loses his job. In outrage, he breaks up with his girlfriend, and tries to forcefully make his hands heal. Unable to, he finds a man who completely broke his legs to point of being unable to walk, jumping and playing basketball normally. This man gives Stephen information about a secret society that heals through strange powers, and when Strange finds this, he is shown an entirely new world he never knew about. Feeling that the powers of this world will help him get his old hands back, he learns magic and trains under the Ancient One, a timeless woman who is the most experienced in this art, and unwillingly throws himself into a situation that will decide the fate of Earth in both reality, and the other world.


Doctor Strange is a must-see movie, and dare I say, the BEST MOVIE OF 2016. It has everything that both a movie-lover and a mere bored person would love; action, story, romance, stunning effects, humor, and the list goes on and on. This movie has only one flaw, which is that the movie ended. This is the kind of movie that you could watch forever, and still say, "Dang, this movie is amazing." That is why I am rating this movie...

Final Rating